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  • What services does P&D Engineering Solutions LLC provide?
    We specialize in a range of services, including new construction for single-family residential, alterations and additions, deck design, retaining wall construction, and commercial designs.
  • How experienced is your team?
    Our team comprises licensed professional engineers with a combined experience of over 12 years. Each member holds a master's degree in structural engineering, ensuring expertise and proficiency in our field.
  • In which states is P&D Engineering Solutions LLC licensed to operate?
    Currently, we are licensed in California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and New Jersey
  • What is the process for initiating a new construction project with your firm?
    The process begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs. From there, we collaborate on the design, obtain necessary permits, and oversee construction to ensure a seamless and successful project.
  • Can you handle alterations and additions to existing structures?
    Absolutely. Our team excels in altering and adding to existing structures, carefully preserving their character while incorporating modern functionality.
  • What sets P&D Engineering Solutions LLC apart from other engineering firms?
    Our commitment to personalized service, innovative design, and rigorous engineering standards distinguishes us. We prioritize client satisfaction, creative solutions, and the longevity of our projects.
  • How do you ensure the sustainability of your designs?
    Sustainability is a key focus. We integrate eco-friendly practices, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact and reduce long-term operational costs.
  • What is the typical timeline for completing a residential construction project?
    Timelines vary based on project complexity and scope. During the initial consultation, we provide an estimate and a detailed timeline tailored to your specific project.
  • Do you handle commercial design projects, and what types of businesses do you work with?
    Yes, we specialize in commercial designs. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of businesses, from offices and retail spaces to restaurants and more.
  • How can I request a consultation or get more information about your services?
    Contact us through our website's "Contact Us" page or call our office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to discussing your project and how we can assist you.